Mole: is the generic name for a number of sauces used in Mexican cuisine, as well as for dishes based on these sauces. Outside of Mexico, it often refers specifically to mole poblano. In contemporary Mexico, the term is used for a number of sauces, some quite dissimilar, including black, red, yellow, Colorado (another name for red) and green, among others. The sauce is most popular in the central and southern regions of the country with those from Puebla and Oaxaca the best known.



The monthly production capacity for the mole sauces is approximately 172,000 units per month.


The product is produced in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The recipes, however, and management of La Tradicion de Mi Pueblo come from Oaxaca, Mexico, which is well known for its gourmet Mexican creations.

Mole is known to have health benefits such as aiding in the digestive process and being a powerful antioxidant to slow premature aging. It also is known to have anti-carcinogenic properties and may help release endorphins leading to a feeling of well-being. The mole sauce is usually poured over chicken, beef or pork. It is a dish that is widely enjoyed at parties in Mexico. We distribute mole from our company "La Tradicion de Mi Pueblo" which is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or flavors. The packaging is modern and designed in a practical way perfect for today's families looking for convenience.

Packaging: Packaging is in large plastic foil envelopes which are easy to transport and open. There are two kinds of mole produced, Black Oaxacan Mole and Mole Rojo, also known as "Coloradito" in Oaxaca.

Each box of product contains 24 units of mole. Each pallet contains 100 boxes, for a total of 2400 units per pallet.